Individual Entries now closed 14th February

With a massive number of riders wishing to enter for the 2019 event, pre registrations have now closed for all classes. Approximately 800 applications, both on line and postal were received, but some are duplications and some for riders who were blocked by the inability to use the same e-mail address twice - but another one was used. Licences and date of births will now be recorded, although a high percentage of entries are for a one event licence which does not render the applicant to any disadvantage.
The ballot takes place on the 23rd February, but this will be done class by class so it may take up until the 1st March for all riders to be notified of their entry status. Please be patient.
Team Entries are still open with Sonia Goggin at the ACU office,

Three days left to register for an entry 10th February

This Wednesday at midnight, the facility to register for the ballot for a place in the 2019 event closes. To date, there are just under 800 applicants for the 525 guaranteed and reserve places! There will be some disappointments after the ballot has taken place.
Apart from the Twinshock Under 50 class it is pointless for younger riders to apply for the second ballot because all places are well oversubscribed.
Foreign riders should consider looking at entering a team in the EVO or Twinshock Vets MXdN class which will almost certainly gain a place at this stage. Anyone not sure if they have completed the registration process should e-mail
A further update on total numbers will be released later this week.