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2016 Regulations

Rider list release next week

For the entrants who have requested riding numbers it is anticipated that the full list will be published on this website during the first few days of August. The Entry Secretary is currently busy allocating numbers to ensure minimum inconvenience to some riders where duplicates have been requested.

The Race Order will be published at the same time. Please check back.

Any enquiries should be directed to

Top Guest Riders likely

Event supremo Dave King has been at it again and his shopping list for the 2016 event is looking promising. Big names that Dave is currently negotiating with are - Kurt Nicoll, Darryl King, Grant Langston, Jeff Emig, Jamie Dobb, Brian Jorgensen, Werner De Wit plus event favourites Doug Doubach and John Dowd.

We hope to be able to confirm all of these names as actual starters shortly and we will update this list as we get news.

UK Entries processed 29th February

Around 450 entries from all eight classes have been acknowledged by e-mail today. This includes the reserves in all classes.
Foreign entries will be acknowledged within the next seven days.

Anyone who has missed getting an entry and is under 50 years of age with a twin shock machine there are a few spaces still available direct into the class. Please download a form and post it to Di.

Entries this week

Di has been working very hard processing all of the entries and the first batch of approx. 45 in each class should be released by the end of the week. Additionally there are about 70 reserve spaces which will also be offered as per the Regulations.
Each rider will be notified individually of the acceptance. For the postal entries who did not send a SAE we trust that your e-mail addresses on the paper entry form are correct and legible.
A posting will be put on this website when the classes are live.

Processing Entries 14th February

Over 550 entries have now been put into the system and checked for correct details (machine and age etc). Foreign and Team entries are still coming in, but the aim is to get all acknowledgments done by March 1st so as you guys can gets the bikes prepped and ready in good time.
There MAY be a few spaces left in the Twin Shock classes once all have been processed and these will be taken by post ONLY.
A further update will be posted on Sunday 21st February regarding all classes.
Any questions should be directed to Di by e-mail

2nd February Entry update

There were approx 700 riders wanting to enter yesterday which is the reason the classes filled within about five minutes of opening. The system coped very well. Some people tried entering more than once and several riders had their cards declined which means that there may be a few spaces left. Watch the website after March 1st.
The aim is to acknowledge all entries by the end of February after all have been checked. Generally, if you entered on-line with all the correct details, including ACU or Day Licence you stand a very good chance of acceptance. Postal entries received on Monday (there were a lot) should either be offered one of the ten spaces in the class or a reserve spot.

Entry update 1st February 7 35 pm


Please e-mail if you require any further information.
If possible please supply the VM number

Entry Latest 6 15pm

The Evo 125, EVo 250 and Evo 500 Class are all now full

Thursday 28th January entry update

You will have noticed that the Regulations are now published on this website for you to read and digest. We have published these ahead of the entries opening as it is important for all potential entrants to read AND UNDERSTAND them. Following this, on Saturday morning, a printable entry form will be published to enable riders to post an entry form to reach the entry Secretary, DI THOMPSON, NOT THE ACU on Monday. Ten spaces in each class are reserved for postal entries.
Following this the on line entry system will open at 6pm on Monday evening for the three Evo classes, (125,250,500). The other five non team groups will open at 7.30pm on the same evening.Thirty five spaces are reserved in each class for on line entries. It will be an advantage to have read and understood the Regulations ahead of this as there will be a time limit of five minutes for each rider to complete their entry, which is easy to achieve if you follow the instructions slowly and carefully. If you miss the five minute allowance you have to start all over again at the back of the queue. Once you have reached the Worldpay payment stage you are in the system and the payment stage is exempt from the time limit.
It is also important that your date of birth and your machine size match the class for which you are entering otherwise the entry will be blocked. Non ACU members can still enter on line by buying a single event licence at the point of entry.
Riders who successfully gain a postal entry on Monday will be notified by e-mail ahead of the on line entries opening so there will be no need to submit an on line entry. Whatever happens, no rider will be charged twice.
Please note the entry system will only accept ONE entry from each e-mail address and it must be the actual rider who completes the entry form.

Entry details

As in the past three years, entries will open on the 1st February for UK residents. However, in 2016 this falls on a Monday and many people are at work so the first on-line entries will open at 6pm. The system has been changed this year with just the three EVO Classes (125,250 and 500) opening first and each entry will ONLY accept machines with cc's which fall into the right category.
Please ensure you enter the class which fits your machine. Then, the other five classes ( EVO riders over 50 years old, Twinshock Over 50, Twinshock Under 50, Super Evo and Pre 83 125 combined with Pre 85 four strokes) will open at 7.30pm.
The system will recognise your name and e-mail address and will only allow you to enter one class. In previous years we are aware that some potential riders have asked someone else to enter on their behalf - this is not allowed as it is a requirement of entry that the actual rider acknowledges that he has read and agrees with the Regulations for the event which is an insurance condition.
Additionally, at 9am on Saturday 30th January, it will be possible to download a paper entry form which can be posted to arrive on February 1st. The actual Supplementary Regulations for the event will be published ahead of this date to enable all entrants to carefully read through them if you wish. Obviously, no rider will be allowed two entries and only one fee will be accepted.
Foreign rider and team entries will also open on February 1st but the on -line option is not available and will need to be posted or e-mailed direct to the Secretary

2016 title sponsor announced

Following their introduction as title sponsor for the event last September, the John Banks Group are once again confirmed again this year, but they will be joined by Bickers Action. Whilst the retail giant has confirmed their headline for 2016, they are happy to share with the other high profile company from East Anglia. Last September at the 2015 event, the Banks family were represented by John, Mark and Elliot Banks Browne (EBB) who were all enthused by the atmosphere at Farleigh Castle. Joining the John Banks Team will be a company all of us have watched on TV or the cinema many times in our lives without even knowing it. The Bickers action Group, founded by former champion Dave Bickers produces most stunts and action shots for film company's and now run by his son Paul. Paul himself was a 1980's top 35 rider.
Event supremo, Dave King made the announcement this week and is delighted at having the deal announced ahead of the entries going live on February 1st.

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